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About Aix-Marseille

Aix-Marseille is the 2nd largest urban center in France, 3 hours from Paris by TGV (High Speed Train) with 17 departures per day and less than 2 hours by plane from 25 major European and Mediterranean cities, in the heart of a market of 400 million consumers.

Aix-Marseille University is the largest francophone university in the world (90,000 students), 2nd ranking pool of researchers in France. As a 3rd biggest industrial Region, Aix-Marseille has a concentration of worldwide players around IT (St Microelectronics, TelFrance, Gemalto, Dassault System, High Co), Transportation (Airbus Helicopter, Daher Aerospace, CMA CGM), Health (Siemens Medical, CERIMED, Supersonic Imagine, Sartorius), Energy (Smart cities, ITER, Eco-industry, Arbois Technoparc) and Sport (OM, CRVM, CNM). Marseille is the 2017 European Capital of Sports and a candidate for the 2024 Olympic Games with the sailing world cup.

Aix-Marseille is the number one location for datacenters in France after Paris with 8 datacenters.

Aix-Marseille boasts a big number of start-up success stories (WIKO, Enovacom, Sunpartner, Digiticks, Inside Secure, Stardust, Cityvox…).

A Land of Engineers, Provence area is called the European Silicon Valley, with its 300 sunny days a year and the Mediterranean Sea. The Alps mountain range is just a 1.5 hours’ drive away!

An omnipresent cultural dimension: MP2013, festivals year round such as the Aix-en-Provence Festival, Opéra National de Marseille, and Grand Théâtre de Provence, Contemporary Art Museum, MuCEM, FRAC.

Aix-Marseille is a strategic location with a multimodal access: sea-rail-air-road-river (international airport/international sea port/cruise port) with its competitive costs, real estate and labor costs from 25 to 60% lower than in European capitals such as London or Paris.

The startup ecosystem in Aix-Marseille

Provence has always had a love affair with new technologies: with its pioneers in innovative technologies: home of the smart card, developer of the first contactless technologies. Provence offers an attractive environment in areas such as big data, cloud computing, contactless technologies, e-tourism, mobile applications or connected objects…

To get your project into the fast lane, Aix-Marseille French Tech provides:

  •  The best digital schools: Epitech / Kedge / EMD / Supinfo /Axe Sud / Ingésup / IAE Aix / Institut G4 / Cesi Exia /Centrale / Mines St Etienne ISMIN. Very dynamic and very involved in the territory, some of them are connected to accelerators (Kedge), fab labs (Centrale), or participate actively in the workings of the startup ecosystem.
  • The full-scale of IT sectors with 7 IT alliances (PRIMI / CNRFID / MEDINSOFT / CIP / CLUSIR / ARCSIS / SCS). The SATT, accelerator of technology transfer: to transfer innovations coming from academic research to the industrial world. Based in Marseille SATT has a catalogue of technologies that are ready to be industrialized.
  • 7 competitition clusters, federating laboratories and manufacturers in innovative technologies: contactless, security, photonics, imaging, software, aviation, aerospace, energy, health, medicine, transmedia, natural and industrial hazards (SAFE / Eurobiomed / OPTITEC / CAPENERGIE / SCS / Mediterranean Sea).
  •  6 fablabs: ConnectWave / Centrale Marseille / L.A.B / Fablab Provence / LFO / FUVLAB
  • 8 incubators for welcoming, housing, and supporting new business creators: Marseille Innovation, Pépinières du Pays d’Aix-en-Provence, Impulse, Pôle Media Belle de Mai, Arbois Technopole for sustainable development.
  • Concentration of Research Labs in IT (LSIS / LIF / CRVM / CMP Gardanne / Fresnel Institute / LP3 etc.)
  • Large choice of financing organizations from Business Angels to Venture capital, capital funds. (PBA/NETANGLES/PACA EMERGENCE/PACA INVESTISSEMENT/ACG Management…).
  •  8 accelerators supporting startup creation and growth through high value-added services (The Camp/Jaguar/P.Factory/Voyageprive.com/Startdust/Netangels/Telfrance/Kedge): 

o    Training programs

o    A business contact network (potential clients, investors, media)

o    A pool of high-level skills (marketing and communication, business development)

o    Talent recruiting

o    “Manufacturing” and sometimes financial resources

Organization and support structures for IT companies that offer training, events and meetings throughout the year and organize a number of international shows in the region.

Partnering Incubators in Aix-Marseille

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Ecosystem: Aix-Marseille
Creation: 1999
Startups incubated: 157
Currently incubated: 15
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