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Brittany is a very attractive area, related to its geographical position. Tourism holds a very important place within the Breton economy. More than 10 million visitors come to discover Brittany each year, making it the fourth biggest tourist region in France. Although agriculture and fishing are both important activities in the Breton economy, industrial activity which has developed around food processing, telecommunications and services has experienced significant and extremely rapid development.

Brittany has an excellent level of education, which is marked by high exam success rates that are always higher than the national average. The region boasts a low unemployment rate.

A well-balanced territory between large cities (Brest, Lannion, Quimper, Morlaix) and network dynamics common, international openness remains a key word, which encourages boldness and trade.

Brittany is a land of entrepreneurs, be charmed by its great characteristics! 

The startup ecosystem in Brest

French Tech Brest+ has a vibrant digital ecosystem, which today represents 16,000 jobs in multiple sectors. Thanks to strong local dynamics, we forecast the creation of around 25,000 jobs between now and in 2025. To achieve this goal, our current missions are to:

-          improve the links between startups and major groups, through open innovation for instance

-          give the best opportunities to startups, thanks to a dedicated program (funding, accelerator…) and international perspectives (worldwide events, or specific international program, such as the recent Breizh Amerika Startup Contest, with a  main goal to connect local startup to the NYC’s top venture capitalists, tech influencers and leading technology companies).

Over the past few years, the number of new digital businesses has been increasing (almost 200 in 2015). This growth can be explained by the dynamics of our ecosystem (300 events in 2015: workshops, meetups), our strong network for higher education, but also the creation of a number of incubators, with a rich mentoring program.

Among the main local strategic fields for startups, the Internet of Things, CyberSecurity or FinTech. 

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Ecosystem: Brest
Creation: 1998
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