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About Bordeaux

As the second most attractive city in France in terms of business location and as the first French city for real estate investment, Bordeaux has reaped the benefits of its profound transformation.

 Through the dynamism of its regional excellence sectors and word-scale clusters, the renowned fertility of its research and higher education centre, and a strong presence in innovative industries as well as high added-value markets, Bordeaux has carried on with its spirit of adventure and conquest which historically made this sea and river-based city into an open and thriving place.

 Moreover, with its leading position for green job creation in France, its anticipative attention to sustainable development issues and its challenging ambition of making cultural pluralism the cornerstone of social cohesion, Bordeaux, the world capital of wine, the champion of gastronomy and the largest urban ensemble ever to be distinguished by UNESCO, has maintained that lifestyle and progress are inseparable.

 Like the future emblematic “Cité des civilisations du vin” – combining tourism, economy, culture and international influence –, the many great structuring projects emerging in the Bordeaux landscape are both illustrating and fuelling local entrepreneurship and visions of the future throughout all human fields.

The startup ecosystem in Bordeaux

With 3,700 companies, 23,000 jobs and research teams including 1,000 scientists, the Bordeaux area plays a leading part in the ITC sector, ranking first in France in health informatics, third in telecommunication services, fourth in new digital business start-up.

With its creative incubators, business accelerators, numerous start-ups, its dedicated Campus, and the presence of international market leaders, Bordeaux digital sector is driven by the dynamism of vibrant local ecosystem.

As France’s fastest-growing digital region in terms of job creation, the aim is to hit 50,000 digital jobs by 2030. A raft of major urban investment projects have been launched to bolster this ambition, including the new Euratlantique business district and the forthcoming Cité Numérique, digital start-up hub.

The digital wave is very successful in Bordeaux, in various fields such as:  
- Mobile applications - Azendoo, Snapp, NewsRepublic, etc.
- Video games - Betomorrow, Asobo, ConcoursMania, etc.
- Industrial 3D technology - Immersion, Lumiscaphe and I2S, etc. 
- e-commerce - C-Discount, etc.  
- e-health - Maincare Solution, AGFA, etc. 
- e-learning - Addeo, IDSC, etc. 
- Location tracking
- Transmedia - Cluster CATS B
- Big Data - ATInternet, Cheops Technology, Cogniteev, Cartegie, etc. 

An abundance of related Bordeaux-based events such as the Digital Week, Startup weekends, Creative Tuesdays, Metro’num, Happynums or Destinées numériques, federates dynamic organizations: Digital Aquitaine, Aquinum, CLUSIR Aquitaine, ProLibre, SYRPIN, TIC & Santé, Topos.

Bordeaux is renowned for training institutions, source of inspiration for startuppers (INP , KEDGE, INSEEC … ) as well as very activ research labs in digital fields (INRIA, LABRI, Ecole nationale de Cognitique).

Bordeaux ecosystem is internationally minded, thanks to dynamic key-partners as Quebec, Hong Kong, Abidjan, Wallonia, Hyderabad (India), Boston…

Partnering Incubators in Bordeaux

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Ecosystem: Bordeaux
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Startups incubated: 20
Currently incubated: 10
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