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Normandy is within the triangle of London and Paris at the gates of the North European market and of the busiest maritime route of the world giving a direct access to a potential market of 200 million consumers. 

Norman innovative and scientific spirits are the main drivers of economic development and quality of life in Normandy : Chemistry, energy, electronics, materials, mechanics, mobility, IT, health ... In key sectors, companies and laboratories are linked to 7 clusters: agribusiness (Valorial), automotive and mobility (Mov'eo), horse & sports (Hippolia), logistics ( Nov @ log), sea (Pôle mer), digital and IoT (e-secure transactions cluster), and perfumery and cosmetics (cosmetic Valley), green energy, etc. that will bring new solutions for our future daily life.

Normandy is the 2nd French region in terms of exports in France. More than 500 foreign companies have a base in Normandy with around of 38 400 employees.

The startup ecosystem in Normandy

Beyond Normandy French Tech that promotes the Norman dynamic start-ups, there is an entire economic network to establish links between academic research, major groups, SMEs and start-ups. The example of the different clusters in Normandy highlights this: R & D, large groups and SMEs and start-ups.

Indeed, each topic has its own cluster that gathers Major groups, SME’s, Start-ups and Academic research : Mov'eo Cluster for mobility and transport, TES Cluster (E-Secure Transactions cluster) for all aspects related to Smartcity/IoT, e-health, e-government, Connected Object, etc. ., Hippolia Cluster for horse and sports, Novalog Cluster for logistics, Sea Cluster for the maritime economy, Valorial Cluster for agri-food topics, Nucleopolis Cluster for civilian nuclear energy and nuclear health and CBS Cluster on chemistry-health issues. In addition, there are several key sectors in Normandy such as Subcontracting, Automotive, Boating, Semiconductors-Microelectronics, Energy, Green tech, etc ...

Then, nearly 500 foreign companies operate in Normandy and employ more than 38,400 employees. This typology of foreign companies is diverse ranging from start-ups to multinationals via SMEs. This strong presence of foreign companies in the region demonstrates the opening of the regional economy internationally.

In addition, there is a collective effort to link the world of major groups with start-ups’ world through the different clusters, or through large groups’ regional involvement with start-ups or through the Normandy Open Innovation Club.

Finally, there is a high start-up community related to spin-off or spin-out of large groups. In particular, some examples of NXP and Orange within the region are concrete illustrations. Indeed, many start-ups have emerged from these groups with support of them. 

Some examples of start-ups or promising companies:

  • Bodycap that develops miniaturized medical devices that raised 1 million of euros in 2015.
  • IPDiA (formerly manufacturing plant of Philips Semiconductors) develops miniaturized electronic components for different sectors (Medtech, Semicon, etc.)
  • Déjà Mobile, spin off from Orange, develops new mobile services to major groups. Dejamobile solutions open the way for interactive and secure mobile services in various sectors
  • SoyHuce is a tech studio and R&D lab for major companies and local authorities. They support players to transform their business using Artificial Intelligence
  • Saagie develops a IoT middleware to gather big datas from companies to develop new services for them
  • Opthimalia, spin off from NXP develops a specific lenses to monitor eyes diseases
  • Ergosup develops new hydrogen solutions for mobility. They raised € 5.2 million in 2015.
  • uConekt develops connected objects to secure mobile devices and connected objects.
  • Etc.   

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