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At the heart of Europe, a short train ride from Brussels, London and Paris, our local ecosystem is a leading region in France for manufacturing (automotive, cleantech, technical textiles, railways, materials…), healthcare (the biggest university hospital in France is based in Lille), retail (400 brands headquartered, and the leading e-commerce brands of France are based in Lille and its area) and Tech (with a focus on IT services, e-retail, digital creation, big data and Industry 4.0).

Thanks to its young and dynamic population, it is the 2nd ranking region in France for Academia with more than 200,000 students, it is also the 2nd ranking region for HQs in France, with major retail companies and global leaders choosing to make Northern France their pivotal region to develop their business in continental Europe: IBM, Toyota, Canon, 3M, Coca-Cola, KTM, Caterpillar, Ma Steel, Kubota, McCain, Bombardier, DHL, GSK and over 1,600 other international companies chose Northern France to set up their European business and they have not looked back.

The startup ecosystem in Lille

Lille’s region brings together key local digital players and is driven by entrepreneurs, investors, and talented people. During the past ten years, 25,000 jobs has been created in our territory. By 2020 this number is expected to double.

Thanks to its ideal geographical location, the quality of its infrastructure, its skills and its entrepreneurial tradition, Lille’s French Tech is quite a unique ecosystem to set-up a start-up. We can rely on the regional presence of major companies like Capgemini, CISCO, Orange, IBM France, CGI and Microsoft La Redoute, Auchan, Bonduelle, Décathlon are headquartered in Lille’s Region.

This dynamic environment has led to the rise of numerous successful startups: Big Ben Interactive, Ankama, OVH, Adictiz, Stereograph, Clic & Walk, Giroptic, Mdoloris, Intent Technologies, Mazeberry, A-volute, Ineat Conseil, Hobbynote, Critizr, Intent Technologies, Vekia, Sparkow... These companies cover all the field of the digital activities such as data, cybersecurity, mobility, HMI and creative industries.

Our startups can count on many events on the territory to promote their businesses (Conext, Salon créer, Grand Nord digital Forum). The International Cybersecurity Forum takes place every year in Lille with more than 5, 000 visitors, 50 nationalities and various events (plenaries, hackathons, demos…). 

Moreover, we help our champions travel: Several startups from our ecosystem participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2016 (Giroptic, Equisense, Phoceis).

In a highly competitive international environment, our ecosystem aims to give a boost to the digital economy that is revolutionizing our daily lives.

Partnering Incubators in Lille

More information on Lille :

- Lille’s Agency - http://en.lillesagency.com/

- NFI - http://www.nordfranceinvest.com/

- Office du Tourisme de Lille - http://en.lilletourism.com/

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Main corporate in the region


Main research centers

Institut Pasteur de Lille



Ecosystem: Lille
Creation: 1999
Startups incubated: 124
Currently incubated: 35
Maturity stage: 
Proof of Concept 
Business Development 

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Ecosystem: Lille
Creation: 2009
Startups incubated: 202
Currently incubated: 91
Maturity stage: 
Proof of Concept 
Business Development 

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#Virtual and Augmented Reality
#Digital Publishing 

Ecosystem: Lille
Creation: 2010
Startups incubated: 49
Currently incubated: 18
Maturity stage: 
Proof of Concept 

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