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Rooted in an urban area with 1 million inhabitants, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is a dynamic and attractive territory, showing the highest population growth in France (4,300 new inhabitants every year) and comprised of a generally young population (43% of the population under age 30).

France’s 5th ranking area in research, with 7,500 researchers and 70,000 students (including 10,000 from abroad), Montpellier welcomes major centers for international groups such as IBM, Alstom, Orange, Schlumberger, Ubisoft, Engie, Free, Sanofi, Bausch + Lomb, Horiba, Dell, Computacenter, Veolia, and more. The Montpellier region is driven by powerful entrepreneurial energy and draws significant benefit from the presence of major clusters in key sectors, including digital (French South Digital), health (Eurobiomed), water (Worldwide Water Cluster), energy (Derby), agronomics (Qualiméditerranée), and a heavy community of startups, flagships of French technology.

With an international open attitude, this rich ecosystem makes Montpellier a true multicultural melting pot. With 5 international schools and over 60 international associations active locally, Montpellier has strengthened its openness through economic agreements with China, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and the United States, making it easier to welcome foreign companies locally.

The startup ecosystem in Montpellier

The Montpellier region benefits from a community-oriented ecosystem driven by entrepreneurs and mentors who are committed to supporting collective projects. This entrepreneurial territory has the highest employment growth rate in France (+30% in 10 years). Nearly 150 new high-tech companies are created each year, showing a survival rate after 5 years of over 80%. Capital investment in the Montpellier region startups has increased significantly over the past 5 years, reaching €90 million in 2015.

Montpellier has everything it takes to welcome startups:

  • A world-class incubator - the Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), ranked in the world’s Top 10 incubators by UBI Global, which compared over 1,200 incubators in 60 countries. Montpellier BIC currently hosts 165 startups, including 15 from abroad.

  • A complete ecosystem that is committed to supporting startups, comprised of public and private-sector financial institutions, proven-effective assistance organizations, a dense investor network, and active major groups.

  • The Dell Center for Entrepreneurs, where Dell employees share their expertise in order to mentor startups.

  • A wide and varied range of activities and numerous international events all year long.

A rich startup ecosystem that is dynamic and remarkable across diverse sectors

Several companies in the area of connected objects stand out for their successful stock market introductions: AwoX, specialized in technologies for connecting audio-video devices and Oceasoft, a European leader in smart and connected sensors for the industrial Internet of Things. In the Web/mobile sector, Teads, which develops a native video advertising platform, employs 350 people with a €130 million revenue in 2015.

The company raised over €25 million in less than 2 years. In the health sector, Medtech, a worldwide expert in surgical robotics, was listed on the stock exchange in 2013, and completed another round of investment for €13 million in late 2015. At the crossroads of health and e-commerce, 1001 Pharma, an online platform selling health-related products, raised €8 million in 2015. The company is now developing its activity in China, notably thanks to Montpellier ’s cooperation agreements, which benefit French Tech companies.

International groups and startups that chose Montpellier

Schlumberger, which acquired the local startup Techsia, then set up its software R&D center in Montpellier, creating 180 jobs. Rakuten, which acquired the local startup Aquafadas, concentrated all of its digital publication efforts in Montpellier, with a team of 90 people. Startups from around the world have all chosen to leverage the Montpellier innovation ecosystem to expand their business activities in Europe, such as MatchUp Box (Boston), specialized in digital security, Fruition Sciences (San Diego) an expert in agritech and Ecoclimasol (Argentina), specialized in predicting climatic and other types of risks.

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