Partner Incubator: 50 Partners

About 50 Partners :

Inspired by anglo-saxons incubators, 50 Partners is a program which empowered promising startups with a huge ecosystem. The program is based on 50 experienced entrepreneurs with outstanding expertise joining forces to select and support promising startups reach the next level of success. This panel of « hands-on » entrepreneurs (Justin Ziegle/Price Minister ; Olivier Aizac/Leboncoin ; Frederic Mazzella/Blablacar ; etc.) mentored our startups through meetings and specific workshops.  We gathered a unique ecosystem and the relevant resources to support entrepreneurs on every step of the way (mentoring, funding, friends, offices, international).

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Ecosystem: Paris
More information about Paris
Creation: 2012

Startups incubated: 25

Currently incubated: 8

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept,
#Business Development


Services included with the incubation

The 50 Partners mentoring program* for the French Tech Ticket winners is as follow: 


  • A Kick-off meeting to start the mentoring program : 
    • Understand the main issues and the real needs of the startup
    • Define a 6 months roadmap to achieve it
  • One short meeting each week (15’)
  • One monthly meeting (1h / Review of the achievement of the month, definition of the roadmap  / Review of the KPIs)

*The mentoring session can be done by each 50 Partners collaborators 

Business Services

  • Access to all the 50 Partners club events. Each 3-4 weeks, workshops, conferences are scheduled with all our startups network in the loft 50 Partners
  • Access to the 50 Partners friends dedicated to services as recruitment, legal, PR, public accountant, etc.  
  • Introduction to our friends (Firms as Publicis, Google, Amazon ; VCs) (frequency : 1 per 2 months).

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • Help in funding process (Not included)
  • Partners access if needed (Not included / frequency : 1 each 2 months)
  • 50 Partners Academy (Not included / 3 months / 25 courses of 2 hours)