Partner Incubator: 104 factory

About 104factory:

The CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a space of collaboration between the artistic, economic and social spheres. It favours the exchange of ideas and cooperation between project holders with various profiles, from the fields of creation, business, teaching or research. This exceptional ecosystem encourages the rise of innovating start-ups. As an exceptional space for experimentation, it connects all forms of art and all types of public. Of an international scale, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS incarnates a new model of artistic institution, sensitive to the most emerging tendencies of contemporary creation and in an open and multi-disciplinary innovation.

104factory, the incubator of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS acts as an opportunity accelerator for innovative project holders in the fields of artistic, cultural and creative industries. The incubation offers to each entrepreneur the possibility of accompanying the development of his/her start-up, carrying out on-site experimentations in interaction with the public and the CENTQUATRE-PARIS ecosystem.

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Ecosystem: Paris
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Creation: 2012

Startups incubated: 30

Currently incubated: 15

Maturity stage:
#Proof of Concept
#Business Development

#Creative & Cultural Industries

Services included with the incubation

To start the incubation process, the startup is invited to a « diagnosis meeting » with 104factory team members in order to identify the issues and directions of the incubation (business update, opportunities of testing, artistic and cultural aspects of the project, bonds with the ecosystem of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS). After that, several meetings are planned to accompany the incubation.

The personalized support and training revolves around meetings on Business & Development aspects one or two hours every week on average with the business program manager. The main topics of these working sessions are:

  • Business model review
  • Assistance with  negotiation and commercial strategy
  • Assistance with internal organization and human resources 
  • Assistance with  industrialization processes 
  • Initiation in Business model canvas and Lean Start-up
  • Training for  pitches and presentations
  • Coaching sessions with startup managers
  • Networking with other startups of the ecosystem

In addition, a personalized support and counsel is provided about all kinds of interactions possible with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS ecosystem. Support with communication, using networks of the establishment, user testing and trials inside the CENTQUATRE-PARIS and more generally events of all types, and interactions possible with the artistic, social, economic and cultural fields connected to the CENTQUATRE-PARIS.

104factory carries out networking on all relevant levels for startups by relying on CENTQUATRE-PARIS and its partner, Agoranov’s networks:

  • Research laboratories and academic networks
  • Artistic and cultural (both national and international) as well as public institutions and local authorities 
  • Business Development, Marketing, Investment, etc.