Partner Incubator: Bond’innov

About Bond’innov:

Bond’innov is an incubator for innovative projects. Located in Bondy (North east of Paris region), it is specialized in the support of innovative startups turned toward international and southern countries. Bond’innov proposes an integrated offer for creation and development of innovative projects: structured support on a 2 years period, financial support (under condition), offices and privileged access to laboratories and offices in 30 countries worldwide, shared resources center, “students in residency” program, pre-paid access to a specialized consultant network, workshops and collective activities….

Bond’innov is also a place of expertise of innovation and startups linked with the South. Its team conducts studies and capacities development programs with partners from southern countries, or acting for the South.

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Ecosystem: Paris
More information about Paris
Creation: 2011

Startups incubated: 41

Currently incubated: 30

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept

#Social Innovation

Services included with the incubation


  • Coaches and experts will be available once a week for the startuppers for a 15’ checkup, and once a month for a one hour meeting, in order to follow the steps of your project’s development and to bring  support to the startup growth.


Business services

  • Help entrepreneurs to meet our partners, including public and private investors, searchers, public makers, local organization for startuppers, and other startuppers.
    • In case a startup has a specific need, our team will do its best to fulfil it (expertise, network, and support in different fields). Ongoing support will be provided through Bond’innov’s resources center (with tutorials available for French and international startuppers), and through Bond’innov’s network.
  •  Bond’innov’s staff and experts are specialized in innovation and business development:
    • Strategy, industrial property, business development, finance and fundraising, communication, business law, management, innovation).
    • Links with the French Research Centers


    • Bond’innov’s network includes experts and mentors in the following thematic: Biotechnology/health, digital services, environment and agricultural matters, social businesses and innovations.
      • Over the year, 10 to 15 workshops are organized in-house (on Bond’innov’s campus).
      • At least one important event is organized each year (usually during late autumns), as an opportunity for innovative projects which are connected to southern countries to show their innovation and meet new partners, investors, in front of a professional audience

    Services not included with the incubation
    (extra costs)

    • A free loan system is accessible under conditions (for French and African projects).
    • Incubated entrepreneurs can access our expert network with preferential prices for further specific demands.