Partner Incubator: Creative Valley

About Creative Valley:

Creative Valley helps entrepreneurs with innovative projects get through initial hurdles in starting a business using a wide range of services from mentoring and coaching to space solutions, with a focus on technology innovation.

Creative Valley distinguishes itself from other incubators by having links with projects initiator at their very beginning from students to big companies to make them collaborate. Partners with over 20 schools and universities, hosting around 40 startups and 20 artists, Creative Valley acts as a network and gives access to various resources to constitute and nourish projects’ teams.

Creative Valley proposes different spaces and infrastructures. Each site, connected to its own environment and resources, can be an inspiring place to look for new partners. Connecting these physical sites, Creative Valley offers an incubation program which includes training sessions, seminars, mentoring and coaching.

Ecosystem: Paris
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Creation: 2012

Startups incubated: 50

Currently incubated: 38

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept,

#Creative & Cultural Industries

Services included with the incubation

Creative Valley welcomes French Tech Ticket laureates as part of its network and offers the same services to help them go through initial hurdles in starting a business. 

  • Business and strategic aids

Following French Tech rules and its own services, Creative Valley offers laureates business and strategic aids. Project initiators meet with an English-speaking project manager who will follow and counsel them through the year at least one hour per month, and 15 to 30 minutes per week.

  • Mentoring

In addition to project manager help, start-ups benefit from personal mentor. Creative Valley has a strong network of mentors, able to assist and counsel project leaders in various ways. Each project has its own mentor with whom to meet as needed. Mentors are volunteers. A “speed dating” event is held every 6 months to develop mentee-mentor matches. 

  • Training Sessions

As an incubator specialized in young companies, Creative Valley proposes workshops, once a month, on essential subjects while creating or developing startups; like intellectual property, management, business plans, legal contracts, data management, funding… according to a program carried out by experts. These sessions are filmed, live-broadcasted, and can be replayed. Some of them will be performed in English.

Seminars on other more specific subjects,, thematically or technologically, are organized throughout the year but without a determined program in advance.

  • Creative Commons contracts

With Cabinet Bondard, one of its legal partners, Creative Valley is developing an open source legal contract collection to give solid basis to project initiators. Available online, these contracts can be personalized with lawyers afterwards.

  • Experts sessions

Startups can sign up for experts’ office hours  (legal, funding, human resources …) which take place at least two times a month. Rules give access to five sessions per year. After those, they can benefit from negotiated prices to continue with same experts.

  • Networking events

As part of our network, French Tech Ticket laureates have access to all networking events held by Creative Valley like “Friday Cake”, wine tasting seminars …these events are occasions to interact with other startups and partners from our ecosystems. 

They also have access to programs or events we organize with big companies or public organizations like EDF, Institut Pasteur, Cancer Campus…

  • Access to Business Angels

Creative Valley has access to a Business Angels network called « Creative One ». Startups can benefit from a strategic audit by this investment committee. Depending on the results, negotiations over fundraising opportunities can start.

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

 French Tech Ticket laureates would also have access to negotiated prices for a few other services such as:

- Workshops with guaranteed deliverables: with our partners sometimes we organize workshops which are made to produce documents. For example, during one day, a group of startups works with our legal partner to create their own legal contracts. This type of work allows startups to create their own documents at affordable price.

- FabLab: Creative Valley is planning on opening before the end of 2016 a FabLab to help startups make their prototypes. We will open a space with digital and technological equipment to create small connected objects such as 3D printers, laser cutting systems…