Partner Incubator: Genopole

About Genopole :

Genopole is France’s leading biocluster with a special focus on life sciences. Genopole’s campus harbours more than 80 innovative high tech life science and biotech companies, public and private research units and well-known universities and “Grandes Ecoles”. The Campus is located on one single site at Evry/Corbeil-Essonnes, just south of Paris.

Genopole is soundly engaged to improve health and well-being of all citizens by supporting highly innovative projects and start-ups.  Since its creation in 1998, the biocluster has been growing steadily and is currently home to 19 academic laboratories, 82 biotech companies, 25 shared use high – tech platforms and facilities and one of the largest hospital of the Paris Region (from bench to bedside). Amongst the sectors represented on the campus you find health-orientated topics like drug development, therapeutics, diagnostics, medical device technologies, e-Health, scientific instrumentation, bio-manufacturing and pharmaceuticals services; but also different biotech sectors like industrial biotech, food/agro-technologies, clean technologies and Synthetic Biology.

Genopole is one of the leading European bioclusters with over 2,300 employees. Its key figures are: 5 publicly traded companies; 503 M€ funds raised by Genopole companies in the last 14 years; 41 products from the regulatory preclinical phase to market lunch; and several international firms such as New England Biolabs, Pharming, Santen SAS or Arianne Clinical.

Ecosystem: Paris
More information about Paris
Creation:  1998

Startups incubated: 166

Currently incubated: 82

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept,
#Business Development


Services included with the incubation


  • Individual coaching and follow-up of innovative projects and companies :
    • Business support from the business idea up to the successive funding rounds and/or market access to promote and boost the creation of high-tech companies
    • 8 skilled business managers with complementary backgrounds in both science and business and with international experience to challenge the projects in the creation phase, but also foster all competences necessary to set-up and to grow your project or biotech company on the national and international level.
    • Individual follow-up, training sessions and mentoring for selected projects covering all the operational phases from business creation to development and market access.

Business services

  • High-level support to project leaders and entrepreneurs:
    • to transform ideas into market-validated companies including business development, fundraising, Industrial alliances and turnover generation
    • to promote the strategic and financial development of the company on the international level
    • to operate successfully with in- and out-licensing
    • to facilitate access to high level technical platforms and scientific know-how of excellence
    • to maturate product, process, service development strategy, and commercialization
    • to participate to on-site networking events with monthly business clubs for promoting dialogue on key corporate issues.
  • Access to Resources and services at Genopole:
    • The laureates will have access to office space and laboratory facilities.

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • The French Tech Ticket laureates may access 19 high tech platform available at Genopole such as microscopy (electron –microscopy), imaging and cytometry, molecular biology or structural biology platforms, etc. described on page 48 of the directory ( technical platforms are shared amongst the companies, projects and laboratories of Genopole and we will support French Tech Ticket laureates in getting access to these platforms.
  • Our goal is to deliver the best support to the laureates and facilitate their integration in the local and global innovation ecosystem.