Partner Incubator: Bizmedtech

About Bizmedtech:

Bizmedtech is a startup accelerator in the field of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI).

We bring our expertise and investment capabilities to startups and entrepreneurs through an intensive, extensive acceleration program. We believe that successful medtech companies structure their business with development strategies and regulatory constraints in mind, right from day 1.

Whatever the objective of our startups – acquisition or organic growth – our team of experts, backed by a larger community of experts, prepares medical technology companies for take-off. Bizmedtech offers selected startups a complete acceleration program, designed to meet the specific needs of CAMI companies and entrepreneurs.

Projects applying at BizMedTech must solve a clearly identified unmet clinical need with a major economic and clinical impact in the field of Computer Assisted Medical Interventions, Augmented Surgery, Surgical Robotics, Surgical Planning, and Implantable Devices.

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Ecosystem: Grenoble
More information about Grenoble
Creation: 2012

Startups incubated: 11

Currently incubated: 9

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept

#Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention
#Surgical Robotics & Implantable devices

Services included with the incubation


  • Weekly 15-minute check-up sessions taking place between Hannah Dickson, Operations Director, and each selected startup.
  • Our community of experts is able to provide free advice in one-hour long monthly sessions on subjects as diverse as development strategies, the establishment of industrial alliances and management

Business services

  • Having worked in the Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention field for 30 years, we have developed a large number of tools that can be easily customized to meet each startup’s needs. Our toolboxes include a quality management and regulatory affairs toolbox, a compliance toolbox, a business administration toolbox, a marketing and communications toolbox and a human resources toolbox.
  • Mentoring in business development, IP strategy, quality management, regulatory affairs, IT management, human resources, accounting and so many other activities that are essential to a medtech company’s development.
  • Bizmedtech has recently set up a series of networking dinners with key stakeholders in our domain, including CEOs of successful medical device companies and key opinion leaders.

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • Exclusive access to TechnoBiz, a comprehensive package of solutions and providers, all specialized in software and hardware components ready for integration into CAMI products.
  • We also provide access to a network of specialized providers, including prototyping, 3D printing, design, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, sterilization, biomedical testing, etc.
  • Thanks to our lean management model, we provide the following services, on an “at cost” basis:
    • Quality management and regulatory affairs
    • International medical compliance management
    • Reimbursement strategy implementation
    • Business development
    • Strategic marketing 
    • Intellectual property strategy 
    • International contract negotiation
    • Human resources management
    • IT management and ERP implementation