Partner Incubator: Le Tarmac

About Le Tarmac:

Tarmac is a technological incubator that facilitates business development of early-stage technological start-ups. Its ambition is to accelerate their time to market and to achieve their economical success, thanks to a global offer that associates: all inclusive business spaces with advanced services and support, a booster program to perform in their marketing, financial, technological or management challenges, and an easy access to business networks, higher education resources and innovation tools.

A hundred of events are organized each year to animate the community, develop links with other booster’s programs, and enhance local and international business connections.

To succeed, Tarmac has developed a strong partnership strategy and cooperates weekly with all the value-chain actors and clusters that work together to develop innovative business creation.

From the beginning (2 years ago), 45 start-ups have been boosted by Tarmac, 150 jobs created, and more than 10 M€ raised with industrial partners and VC’s

Ecosystem: Grenoble
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Creation: 2013

Startups incubated: 47

Currently incubated: 30

Maturity stage:
#Business Development


#Mobile/Web Healthcare

Services included with the incubation


  • A weekly meeting (30 min) with the incubator director to check the general growth progress, and to define the individual needs:
    • All the aspects of the business development will be explored (business model and plan, value proposition, cost structures, revenue streams, customer relations, marketing and communication strategy, commercial development, funding needs, management, recruitment, etc.)
    • A specific program will be co-elaborated with the entrepreneur to respond to the identified needs (training session, meeting with a lawyer or a VC, connection with a technological or industrial partner, etc.). 
  • An monthly entrepreneurial  mentoring session by an international expert in business development

Business Services

  • Free expert consultancy (by appointment): lawyers, banks, accountants, experts in intellectual property management, international trading, fund raising, human resources management, etc.
  • Facilitated access to local booster programs (Easytech, Captronic, Minalogic, Inovizi …) and strategic partners (Réseau Entreprendre, Grenoble Angels and BPI for R&D financial needs; Minalogic, Linksium, INP SA and Floralis for technology transfer; Grenoble INP, IAE and GEM for higher education resources; etc.)
  • Networking and business events: about 200 events organized each year by Inovallée (meetings, conferences, workshops, best-practices sharing, VC’S meetings, recruitment forum …) and a lot of co-organized international events (5i forum and venture, IOT Planet, Digital Grenoble meetings, etc.)
  • An online startup toolkit 

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

 The French Tech Ticket startups will have facilitate access to:

• Amiqual4Home equipment: an equipment of excellence (Equipex) in the field of Ambient Intelligence. The project offers a platform for research and innovation composed of: (1) prototyping workshops, (2) experimentation facilities, and (3) mobile tools for observing human activities outside of the lab. 

• Meeting rooms in other French incubators and collaborative web platform: Tarmac is member of Elan and RPRA, the French incubator networks, and the boosted startup can book some meeting rooms in the other members’ offices for their business travels, and benefit from Synintra collaborative platform (http://www.synintra.com/plateforme-collaborative/creons-lien-entre-nos-entreprises.html) to connect with other startups in the French ecosystem.