Partner Incubator: PACA EST

About PACA-EST :

The Paca-Est Incubator is a non-profit organization supervised by a Board of Directors and employing a permanent team of 5 people.

The incubator provides support in various forms including advice, funding and office space during the company’s early stages.

From the project in the mind of the entrepreneur to the first sales of the company, Incubateur Paca-Est helps the entrepreneurs to check and understand better their market, hire the right profiles for the right places in their team and find the money to fuel the rocket!

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Ecosystem: French Rivieira
More information about French Rivieira
Creation: 2001

Startups incubated: 170

Currently incubated: 40

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept

#Smart City

Services included with the incubation


  • 15mn of meeting a week, and 1h of meeting each month with the foreign supported teams.
  • 6-month follow-up meeting with the project manager and the Director of the incubator.
  • Partnership with local highly internationalized business schools and universities.

Business services

  • The support process of Incubateur Paca-Est includes:
    • Coaching (being neutral on the goals and focusing on the delivering of tasks),
    • Advices (giving recommendations based on the experience of similar entrepreneurship situations),
    • Networking with the relevant players from the ecosystem (external experts, startups, financial institutions, business angels, local authorities, clusters),
    • Training in innovative business issues
  • The whole startup project will be taken into consideration, while stressing on:
    • Team development and completion,
    • Market positioning and entrance research and testing,
    • Financial feasibility and funding strategy.
  • FrenchTech Ticket entrepreneurs will benefit from:
    • Our “MiniKonf”, short-duration conferences (1-2 hours) given by experts from the ecosystem on a subject related to innovative entrepreneurship in France every month
    • Our “c3” (consulting cell for creator), short-duration (2 hours) face-to-face meeting between an expert and an entrepreneur focused on a specific issue to be tackled

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

The Paca-Est incubator will set up partnerships with the local FabLabs and coworking spaces to enable French Tech Ticket entrepreneurs to use them as far as their need is assessed.