Partner Incubator: Le Hub

About Le Hub:

Early 2015, Bpifrance launched Le Hub – a connector to catalyze business relations between startups, and mid- and large corporations. The team offers a top-quality service of startups sourcing to mid and large corporations, and a post-acceleration program to help boost 39 selected startups for one year. As of today, 250 events were organized in the Hub networking space, and more than 100 connections were materialized between startups and corporates.

The Hub offers a spacious (390m²) and bright space to host conferences, workshops and seminars. Located in the heart of Paris, the Hub is at the crossroads between the business district and the « Silicon Sentier ».

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Ecosystem: Paris
More information about Paris
Creation:  2015

Startups incubated: 50

Currently incubated: 39

Maturity stage:
#Business Development

#Mobile / Web

Services included with the incubation

Coaching & follow-up

  • Following-up : one 15 min  weekly meeting + one 1h monthly meeting
  • One member of the team is assigned to the start-up.
  • The following-up will consist in discussing about the start-up challenges, objectives, and actions to make.

Business services

  • 1 dedicated member of the team to respond to the start-ups’ expectations
  • 5 business developers to connect large corporate clients and the start-ups
  • 1 PR agent to help the start-up gain visibility abd credibility in the ecosystem
  • 4 members of the team specialized in international development, HR, finances and product design
  • A location dedicated to innovation, collaboration and business meetings.
  • Access to others resources such as :
    • Networking events in the the Hub
    • 4 types of events organized by the Hub to stay stuned with big corporations and other players in the ecosystem
    • Privileged access to the events organized by the Hub Bpifrance partners
    • Exhaustive list of partners (French Tech, FrenchFounders etc…), VCs and Entrepreneurs in France and International
    • Business connections with large corporates