Partner Incubator: Eurasanté

About Eurasanté :

The Eurasanté Bio-incubator was established in 1999 following the approval of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. For over 15 years, Eurasanté Bio-incubator has accompanied projects emerging from the regional health sector in order to encourage the creation of innovative companies.

Acting as a real driver of innovation, the Bio-incubator's team works together with project initiators and entrepreneurs and helps them at every stage of their projects.

Located in the heart of the largest European university hospital center, the Eurasanté Bio-incubator relies on a strong network of academic researchers, hospitals, economic and institutional partners as well as various actors specialized in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Eurasanté Bio-incubator offers - within the Eurasanté Bio-business Park - 2 000 sqm of state-of-art building including laboratories, offices and shared facilities.

Key figures: More than 120 projects supported since 1999, 65 companies created, € 115 M seed money raised, 400 jobs created.

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Ecosystem: Lille
More information about Lille
Creation: 1999

Startups incubated: 124

Currently incubated: 35

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept
#Business development


Services included with the incubation


  • 1 weekly follow-up meeting with the French Tech Ticket Manager reviewing all aspects of the project and evaluating the project initiator’s needs
  • 1 monthly follow-up meeting focused on specific project needs: financial, legal, business development, marketing, pitch, specificity of the French market ... These meetings will be organized by the referent person for the French Tech Ticket alongside another English-speaking Eurasanté staff member (with expertise in finance, legal, economic intelligence, communication or web...)

Business services

  • Attending the Bio-incubator Breakfast sessions: once a month, external English speaking partners provide free-of-charge counselling appointments to incubated project leaders.
  • Partnerships with public research, industry, hospital establishments and financial partners in order to accelerate the projects.
  • Support to project initiators in their search for associates or employees by giving them access to a CV database of high-potential business development profiles.
  • Resources
    • An office (20 sqm2) backed by a laboratory (35sqm2) with a laminar flow hood if necessary
    • Access to a common space with an autoclave and a shared washing machine
    • Access to a co-working space
    • Access to meeting rooms

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • Access to different technical facilities (spectrophotometer, rotovap, ultra- precise balance, small volume centrifuge, LC -MS and fluorometer), at an hourly cost.