Partner Incubator: EuraTechnologies

About EuraTechnologies:

EuraTechnologies is a digital business hub/a digital startups accelerator, which helps entrepreneurs, innovative brands, tech startups & companies get started, grow, succeed and achieve huge scale, to compete in the global market, through innovative & homemade accelerator programs.

EuraTechnologies works with an important network of PARTNERS, universities, labs, mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors and 5 offices worldwide. With more than 140 French & foreign companies, EuraTechnologies aims at becoming the most complete French ecosystem for local and worldwide entrepreneurs.

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Ecosystem: Lille
More information about Lille
Creation: 2009

Startups incubated: 202

Currently incubated: 91

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept
#Business development


Services included with the incubation


  • EuraTechnologies offers to follow up and to coach startups from the program French Tech Ticket with an on-demand program prepared especially for foreign companies. A customized planning will be proposed according to the maturity stage of the projects and also their field.
    • weekly meetings with a dedicated coach for at least one hour 
    • monthly meetings will be organized to check the goals and set new ones. The purpose of the coach is to challenge startups.

Business services

  • Workshops (at least one per week)
  • Meetings with experts (lawyers, accountants, marketing experts…)
  • Monthly networking sessions (via breakfast or afterworks for example) for free. Entrepreneurs can also meet the research labs located in EuraTechnologies and work with them
  • A special department is devoted to the access to talents that helps entrepreneurs recruit and looking for good and qualified talents.
  • Access to meetings room and other facilities. 

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • Access to training sessions through training organizations (Global Knowledge, ENACO, Aston, EuraTeach).
  • Partnership with the University of Stanford to propose a 2-week program with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.