Partner Incubator: La Myne

About La Myne :

La MYNE (New Experimentations and Ideas Manufacture) is a transdisciplinary citizen laboratory aiming at setting up the conditions for innovative citizen projects development. To achieve this goal, two main pillars are supporting a central pillar - the civic society's appropriation of complex system (technology, economy, politics...):

  • the first one is to facilitate the development of innovative and research project without entry barriers in terms of price and skills;
  • the second one is to facilitate education and formation though research and experimentation.

Our core values are based on openness and collaboration without judgment for a positive impact on society. Just be inventive and creative. Never take the easiest way...

Basically, la MYNE is the space for free experimentation of game-changing project based on local society needs and issues.

Ecosystem: Lyon
More information about Lyon
Creation: 2014

Startups incubated: 47

Currently incubated: 13

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept

#Creative & Cultural Industries

Services included with the incubation

La MYNE’s program is based on a peer-to-peer approach with each project benefiting from tailored services according to a recirpocity contract defined with a project and its mentor. 

Such a contract defined the basic services to which the project can get access to and the contributions he can offer to the community. Therefore each project contribute to a pool of specific services from which they can all benefit from. 


  • Mentoring sessions and peer-to-peer learning.
    • A mentor is appointed to the start-up for the hosting period. They meet on a weekly basis for a follow-up session.
    • The start-up can benefit from specific sessions on Tuesdays, a day dedicated to the projects, and on an unregular basis based on our peer-to-peer learning p rogram. 

Business services

  • A co-working space and a prototyping workshop. The start-up gets access to a co-working space, taking into account the agenda of the space, and to basic needs for small protyping.
  • A network of experts. The start-up gets access to a local and broader ecosystem of experts in various domains whith whom la MYNE has built strong relationships – fablab, law, business model, social development, IT, engeeniring, design... 
  • Events in the ecosystem. The start-up get acces to the agenda of la MYNE and its ecosystem with opportunities for premium passes. 

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

The openess and the active contribution of the start-up will define the range services it can benefit from the community. In addition to those services and providing a cost the start-up can benefit from:

  • Dedicated trainings from a partner.
  • Acceleration camp. Events to accelerate the start-up can be facilitaded providing there are enough funds to assure the logistics. 
  • Fast prototyping machineries.