Partner Incubator: Montpellier BIC

About Montpellier BIC :

Montpellier BIC supports innovative young companies with high growth potential. The BIC’s goal is to place startups at the center of an integrated service and resource offering to speed up their take-off and turn them into success stories within 3-5 years. The 160 startups integrated in 3 incubation sites: Cap Alpha (Life Sciences, CleanTech), Cap Omega (Digital) and MIBI (International companies) are able to take advantage of excellent working conditions in order to accelerate business opportunities and raise funds. In the last 29 years, Montpellier BIC has supported over 600 startups. Within the past 5 years alone, it has helped them raise more than $84M in funds. According to the UBI Global* index, Montpellier BIC is the unique French incubator ranked in the world top 10. Since 2008 it has been certified InBIA SoftLandings Program. The InBIA** designation is awarded every 2 years to incubators having specialized programs for helping foreign companies break into international markets.

*UBI Global (Research organization with more than 1200 well known incubators around the world)

**InBIA (International incubators network based in the USA with 1000 members)

Ecosystem: Montpellier
More information about Montpellier
Creation: 1987

Startups incubated: 601

Currently incubated: 161

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept
#Business development


Services included with the incubation


  • Dedicated coach specialized in issues specifically related to foreign companies.
    • Work on the project’s market, technical, legal, and fiscal feasibility. This includes evaluating opportunities to build ties with other local companies, clusters, universities, research centers, specialized experts (lawyers, industrial property consultants, recruitment firms, marketing and communication consultants, translation services, and more), as well as public and private funding organizations.
    • Helping to define development strategy on the French/European Market


Business services

  • Free software tool to help create business plans, enabling users to create business forecasts online over an ultra-secure connection.
  • Advisory Board to support assisted companies, sharing their networks and experience to help these startups make the right decisions.
  • Open Innovation meetings with major groups throughout France favoring relationships with startups.
  • Range of technical resources, including CNC milling machines, laser cutters, and an electronic workshop, enabling them to develop prototypes and processes, or share expertise.
  • Montpellier “Dell for Entrepreneurs” (DFE) offers valuable expertise and mentoring services.
  • Seed capital with local investors and meetings with investment funds and business angels.

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • Specific programs for a limited group of startups selected via calls-for-application.
    • "BtoB Take-off" program
    • "Web Take-off" program