Paris French Tech Ticket - Season 1

Discover the first edition of the program, currently taking place in Paris!

Meet the French Tech Ticket winners from the first edition...

...and hear what they have to say about it!

"The French Tech Ticket it is a great opportunity to live the full experience of being an entrepreneur in Paris. As a participant of the program I am able to follow some entrepreneurial classes and networking events that were very important to learn with the experiences of the others. Living in France allow me to be inside this incredible network and also to be part on this huge community of international start-ups that makes so far France the new center of innovation"

- Mariana Bittencourt (BRAZIL) - COPHENOL

"It's an exciting time to be part of the French Tech ecosystem! It's easy to see that it's rapidly evolving just by the sheer number of French startups operating in a vast range of industries. And, the French government is actively fostering its growth. Not to mention, France makes a good base of operations. You can affordably hire local talent, there's good infrastructure, and young innovative companies are incentivized to grow with fewer tax constraints. It's also the baguette capital of the world!"


"I have lived, studied and worked in five EU countries and I can guarantee that, when compared to these countries, France produce highly competent and cost-effective R&D engineers. So, the obvious choice for Dymond Cleantech is France, for research tie-ups with the French atomic energy commission, for the R&D tax rebates and quality engineering services. French tech ticket is a great program, supporting our entrepreneurial spirits, providing us with proper guidance for innovation, handling the red tape and very timely assistance from 100% dedicated help desk. [...] The master classes provided help us tackle financial problems, legal challenges and product development processes."

- Dr. Raphael Kiran (INDIA) - DYMOND CLEANTECH


Steven Jay Silverstein ( 35, USA)

Zakaria Dabone (37, Burkina Faso)

Rym Soussi (35, France)


Anthula Nunes (47, Canada )

Tracie Wagman (46, Canada)


May Yamaura (28, Japan)

TT Chu (37, Hong Kong, China)


Borna Scognamiglio (29, Italy)

Francesco Travagli (29, Italy)

Wissam Sammouri (30, Lebanon)


Ngoc Chan Nguyen (34, Vietnam)

Ngoc Son HAN (33, Vietnam)

Ngoc Trung Tran (31, Vietnam)


Andrey Temlyakov (27, Russia)


Karim El Alami (26, Morocco)

Cyril Colin (26 , France)


Raphael Kiran (32, India)


Yaron Schwarcz (31, Israel)

Lior Aharoni (31, Israel)


Cynthia Pizarro (28, Chile)

Jorge Pizarro (35, Chile)

Nathalie Morales (26, Chile)


Mariana Bittencourt (31, Brazil)

Emmanuel Thiéry (26, France)


Mike Liu YANG (30, China)

Qian Yang (30, China)


Boobesh Ramalingam (34, India)

Mani Doraisamy (40, India)


Astrid Collonnier (24, France)

Ekaterina Shukh (33, USA)

Wesley Siebenthal (36, USA)


Christopher Lukic (40, USA)

Jacklyn Giron (30, Philippines)


Raul Cabanillas (31, Argentina)

Sam Leach (28, United Kingdom)

Tomas Buedo (34, France)