Partner Incubator: Le Connected Camp

About Le Connected Camp :

Le Connected Camp is an IoT startup accelerator based in the most dynamic IoT ecosystem in Europe : the IoT Valley. Thanks to more than 60 dedicated mentors from the ecosystem, we always find an expert that fits to one of your startup problem in a few hours.

When it comes to your acceleration we’ll focus on two goals : first put your IoT startup on the business launchpad. Having the best product is nice. Selling it gets even better. We'll help you through this process thanks to the large network of big companies whose are already looking forward to doing business with you.

Then get your prototype ready for industrialization. Prototyping has become much faster than it was before but when it comes to industrialization you know how hard it's going to be. We have plenty of mentors and experts ready to de-risk your supply chain.   

As we were founded and managed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs we provide you the best environment to stay focus on your business. No useless marketing representation required, no bullshit.

For more information:

Ecosystem: Toulouse
More information about Toulouse
Creation: 2015

Startups incubated: 29

Currently incubated: 9

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept
#Business development


Services included with the incubation


  • Mentoring by successful entrepreneurs, experts from our ecosystem, video maker, designer, press relations manager.
  • A 30 minutes checkpoint is organized every two other weeks with the startup founders to understand what problems they are dealing with at the moment and find the best mentor to help them out.
  • Every two months, we have lunch with every startup to build a clear vision of the upcoming months.

Business services:

  • Access to a fully equipped laboratory with 3D printers, refusion oven, electrical equipments, etc. Access to meeting rooms to receive their clients, a gym to release the pressure, etc. 
  • Access to up to 5 experts in residence, 1 designer, 1 video maker, 1 press relation manager. 
  • A great coffee machine and a beer engine is also a must have to attract mentors when they arrive in the morning of leave in the evening.
  • Free premium access to different online services such as Microsoft Bizpark + program, OVH IoT platform access, Mailchimp emailing server, Stripe online payment solution, Rocket CRM lead management solution, etc.
  • IOT Valley meetups every week: Presentation by an expert from outside our ecosystem.
  • Large scale event twice a year where we host our partners executives, venture capitalists, journalists, European startups and others. We organize conferences, pitch sessions, and business meetings.
  • Event in association with partner universities (Startup Coffee Camp and Startup Launcher Camp) once a month to help our startups to recruit the best interns.