Partner Incubator: Usine IO

About Usine IO:

Usine IO – Playground for Hardware engineers and designers. Usine IO is a membership-based service that provides members from all over the world (entrepreneurs, SME's, research labs, large corporations) with access to tools, vested industrial networks, services, equipment, instruction, and a team of supportive & experienced people (Design for manufacturing, electronics, hardware design, CAM & CAD). The one-stop shop for any product idea to grow into a prototype or a manufactured product or what we call in-house “Design for Manufacturing/prototyping as a Service “.

In addition to workshops and offices, the team of full-time experts (product design, electronics, design for manufacturing and CAD) provides advice and guidance during the development of our members’ projects.

Usine IO acts regularly as an on-demand design & production engineering office and a training center dedicated to ideation, design, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution. We incubate, accelerate, give support and guidance to 350 hardware projects every year.

Usine IO’s 1500 sqm facility in the center of Paris includes a fully equipped prototyping workshop, meeting rooms, coworking spaces, technical, material and processes libraries available to our members.

For more information:

Ecosystem: Paris
More information about Paris
Creation:  2014

Startups incubated:  350

Currently incubated:  100

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept,
#Business Development


Services included with the incubation


  • Follow-up: Two times 1 hour meetings per month & 20 minutes weekly follow up meetings minimum to cover among other things:
    • Product Design: Requirements definition, Check list, 5P follow-up method (in-house), Examination of previous prototypes if required, Timing. Choice of manufacturing techniques
    • Design for Manufacturing: Manufacturing to scale, Supplier search, Near shore / off shore, Manufacturing workshop
    • Machining / prototyping: CAM support; Assistance in the operation of conventional machines; Advising regarding machine selection; Advising regarding software

Business services

  • CAD: Open access software (Solidworks/Catia); File review and correction; Choice of 3D printing techniques; CAD lessons
  • Electronics: Support on PCB design; Choice of manufacturing techniques; Choice of development board
  • Go To Market / Bizdev / Business Model /
  • French Tech Ticket startups will also have access to:
    • Prototyping workshops (based on our fair use policy)
    • Expertise (Q&A mail, monthly meetings, weekly trainings)
    • Industrial network (full access to our network of partners)
    • Get access to our vested and verified partners
    • Our experts share their knowledge and we are pleased to open our address book
    • Events (free access to our events / masterclasses / Office hours / private diners)
    • Every year, we open our doors to 3500+ people to participate to our events 

Services not included with the incubation
(extra costs)

  • On demand expertise (through quote requests)
    • Members can outsource for the market price our expertise for a limited time
    • Advantage: qualified expertise / knowledge of the projects / time gained
  • More dedicated seats in the coworking area (outside what is covered by the FTT)
  • Outsourcing to partners (introduction)