Questions on the French Tech Ticket Program Season 2

NB: All these questions are about the Season 2 of the French Tech Ticket Program (2017). 

Information and details about the Season 3 of the Program (2018/2019) will be communicated later this year! 

1- What is the French Tech Ticket?

The French Tech Ticket is a one year program by the French government to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and help them set up and develop their startup in France.

More than just a startup visa, this 12-month program offers end to end support on the journey from early stage start-up to successful business – from financial support and training to first customer acquisition.

Selected entrepreneurs and projects will work closely in one of the 

41 top French partner incubators providing among others mentoring, fundraising strategy, expert advice and pitch practice.

In January 2017,

70 teams will be selected and welcomed to France to start the program. 

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2- What are the benefits of the French Tech Ticket?

Those who join the program will receive various benefits which include:

  • €45,000 per project with no loss of equity
  • A dedicated resident permit fast-track procedure for the winning teams and their family.
  • Dedicated space in a partner incubator
  • Dedicated workspace for the winning teams
  • Access to services, events and training sessions provided by the incubator network as stated in the incubator’s description page
  • Access to a senior mentor to support the startup’s growth

  • Tailored program of masterclasses and events
  • A Help Desk to provide assistance with administrative procedures
  • A “Soft Landing Pack” to help foreign entrepreneurs relocate to France, including a “Welcome Guide” and special offers to find accommodation in France and to better enjoy the French ‘way of life’!

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3- Who can apply to the French Tech Ticket ?

In order to be eligible for the French Tech Ticket, you must:

  1. Be an early-stage-start-up or have startup idea/plan
  2. Plan to develop your business in France
  3. Be a team composed of 2 or 3 co-founders

Teams applying must be:

  • English-speakers
  • Composed of none or one French citizen maximum
  • Ready to relocate to France by January 2017
  • Ready to be fully-devoted to their project in 2017

The competition is open to individuals aged 18 or older.

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4- Who cannot apply to the French Tech Ticket?

1. Consulting firms, import-export and franchise businesses 
2. Startups already incorporated in France
2. Team in which one of the founders may return to school next term
3. Team in which one or more founders will keep their current jobs / still have a side job
4. Teams in which one or more founders is not willing to relocate to France for a year
5. Teams in which one or more founders is not able to begin the program by January 2017
6. Teams in which one or more founders is not able to attend the program if accepted
7. Teams which have more than one French citizen (including binationals)

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5- I applied last year, can I apply again?


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6- What are the conditions to get the French Tech Ticket?

Entrepreneurs must:

  • Be based in France for at least 12-months starting in January 2017,
  • Have a valid visa to enter France,
  • Be fully dedicated to their project, which means :
  • commit to the program on a full time basis (no other side professional activity)
  • Any long term absences away from your incubator base must be agreed upon with your incubator.
  • Open a bank account in France
  • Send all the required documents for the payment of the funding once the project is selected

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7- What are the criteria of selection?

Applications will first be reviewed by an independent panel. Successful applicants will then be interviewed by at least one incubator before being offered a spot.

Applications will be evaluated on:

  • team members and entrepreneurial skills
  • how feasible your product is
  • market potential
  • your marketing strategy
  • impact of your business being in France
  • financial growth

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8- Will I need a visa?

Yes, except for Nationals of EU Member States, the EEA or Switzerland, entrepreneurs who are selected for the French Tech Ticket must apply for and be granted a visa.

There is however a fast-track procedure for French Tech Ticket winners.

Teams cannot take part in the program until all the visa paperwork has been submitted and approved for all the members.

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9- How can we use the funding?

The funding will be paid to one team member only, referred as the “project initiator”. The project initiator must be the person who files in the general part application form.

The total amount paid will be € 57,000, accounting for the € 45,000 funding + € 12,000 compulsorily dedicated to cover the incubation fees. The project initiator will have to pay the team’s incubation and mentoring fees directly to their incubator: € 6,000 once they receive the funding and the remaining € 6,000 in September 2017.

The € 45,000 funding can only be used for the following expenses:

  • € 25,000 to cover professional services for the project (supporting documents will be required);
  • € 20,000 to cover personal costs and/or professional expenses without providing supporting documents;

The project initiator will receive € 40,000 at the beginning of the program (February 2017), once he/she has opened a French bank account.

The remaining balance of the invoice (in the limit of € 17,000) will be paid at the end of the program. The project initiator will have to provide evidence of payment for € 25,000 worth of professional services spent for the project over the course of the year to receive this second payment. 

The organizers of the French Tech Ticket will not be held responsible for any disagreements between the team members over the spending of the funding awarded.

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10- Can I choose my incubator?

When applying, you have to choose -- in order of preference -- 3 incubators among the 41 partners of the French Tech Ticket.

If your application is successful, you will be assigned to one of the incubators you selected (based on your ranking and the available places) so be sure to make the right choices!

You will find all the information you need about the incubators on this page. Incubators are listed by expertise and maturity level of startups they work with. You will also find a list of services they provide, their references and the description of the surrounding ecosystem.

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11- When is the application deadline?

The applications will close on September 23rd, so be sure to apply early!

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12- Where can I find the official rules of the French Tech Ticket?

You can download the official rules of the contest here.

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