Partner Incubator: Telecom Bretagne - Rennes

About Telecom Bretagne - Rennes :

Telecom Bretagne is one of the top engineering schools in France: with 430 researchers in 9 departments, it conducts leading-edge research in all areas of information technology and communication. Since 1998 we operate an incubator deeply rooted in our school’s DNA. We empower our scientific staff, engineers and students to transform their ideas and researches into businesses. We also welcome entrepreneurs (with no prior link with our school) to work on startup projects in connection with our labs. From the idea to the first phases of growth, it offers entrepreneurs: office spaces within premium facilities, custom mentorship, business basics and startup-oriented education, access to finance, R&D expertise and regular meet-ups. 

In Rennes, we expect candidates on the themes of excellence we address on the campus : cybersecurity, IoT, tools for developers & software. In addition to the classic incubation package, we will provide selected startups with access to experimentation resources, R&D mentors and rich networks of research, industrial and business partners in these fields, as well as pools of young engineers trained on these technologies. Startups we work with on these topics today:  cyber security, IoT, tools for developers and software.

Ecosystem: Rennes
More information about Rennes
Creation:  1998

Startups incubated: 126

Currently incubated: 14

Maturity stage:
#Proof of concept


Services included with the incubation


  • Individual follow-up:
    • Weekly 15 minutes meetings
    • Monthly 1-hour meetings

Business service

  • Office space, either in private offices or open space, according to team size and nature of projects;
  • Access to shared resources: HD videoconferencing meeting rooms, showroom (organization of demos, user testings, product launches...), recreation and restoration area, access to Fablab (hardware self-service and training workshops), scientific library, etc.
  • Upon arrival at the incubator: in-depth review of the project and inventory of short- and medium-term needs (R&D, technical and business partnership, finance, HR...)
  • Specific coaching, introduction and networking, student projects on the startups’ subjects.
  • Access to the network "Telecom Mining Institute": entrepreneurs, experts, investors specialized in digital, key accounts and international academic researchers;
  • According to needs, various R&D resources can be considered:
    • Access to the Telecom Bretagne research teams
    • Access to experimentation and prototyping tools and facilities (eg. LoRa network, Fablab, ...)
    • Access to classes and workshops in Network and Security,